Welcome to Parents First Choice Childcare and Learning Center.  Our Learning
Program is based upon the Saugus Union School District calendar.  

Our program is comprehensive and sufficiently prepares children for kindergarten.  
We teach academics, language arts, manners, safety, health, games, music,
science, math, arts and crafts, numbers, colors, shapes, perception, puzzles and
manipulatives which aid in developing large and small motor skills.  The children are
encouraged to participate in all activities.  Each child receives individual attention,
allowing them to develop at their own pace.

Each week a new letter of the alphabet is introduced as well as shapes, colors,
numbers and printing skills.  Friday's is our scheduled share day.  We encourage your
child to be creative and participate by bringing an item that begins with the letter that
we are learning about that week.  It could range from a toy, book, food item,
magazine picture, etc.

Some of the older children will have homework.  It will not be every day or consist of
time consuming projects.  This is to prepare some of the children going into
kindergarten and also let you know just how great your child is doing!  

We would like the children to experience as much as possible.  Listed below are
some the of learning units in our curriculum, along with holiday parties, and
educational field trips.  The children create learning books to reinforce recognition
skills.  They enjoying making these and love to read them.  

                          LEARNING UNITS                           

August/September      ALL ABOUT ME!
                           APPLES, APPLES, APPLES!
                           BOOK OF SHAPES

October                     COMMUNITY HELPERS
                           FIRE PREVENTION WEEK
                           HALLOWEEN GOODIES

November                  SHARING & CARING
                           COLORS GALORE

December                  JOLLY HOLIDAYS
                           SHAPES AND DESIGNS
January                      SNOWMEN AND PENQUINS
                           WEATHER CHARTS

February                    HEARTS AND HUGS
                           CARS, TRAINS AND AIRPLANES

March                        BARNYARD ANIMALS
                           MY FIVE SENSES
                           SHAMROCKS AND RAINBOWS

April                           COUNTING BEAUTIFUL BUGS
                           SPRINGTIME SPARKLES

May                           ONE, TWO, TYE MY SHOE
                            GARDENING AND GROWING

June                           SUMMERTIME FUN!
                            WHAT’S IN THE OCEAN      
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