It is our desire to provide a nurturing child care atmosphere in a loving home
environment. We are a large family daycare and accommodate infants through 10
years of age.  Before and after school care is available if needed, as well as
transportation to and from the elementary school.

We feel that each child is unique and very special and we work to develop their
individual personalities.  The focus of our Daycare is to give personal loving attention
to each child and allow them to enjoy each other and form new friendships. Children
that have the opportunity to mature and grow with different age groups adapt well
socially in areas of kindness, sharing and learning.

We have age appropriate toys and enrichment activities for all infants and children.
Painting, markers, crayons, puzzles, blocks, learning toys, and musical instruments
are just some of the activities that will enable your child to develop in the area of fine
motor skills.

Outdoor play is very important for the development of large motor skills.  Besides
music and movement, interaction with water tables, balls, and play structures are
part of our daily schedule. We have lunch outdoors, weather permitting and enjoy
field trips to the park and walks exploring nature.

Our preschool program begins at age 3 and prepares your child for kindergarten.  
We have a structured program that includes music, language arts, math, shapes,
colors and much more.  You can click on our
preschool page for more detailed

Children attending our daycare are family. They are loved, cared for and given every
opportunity to participate and grow in a happy, healthy home environment.  

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Child Care
Numerous Studies have been documented on the value of
meeting daily nutritional requirements, and your child's ability to
learn, think quickly, pay attention and get along with others.

Parents First Choice Childcare and Learning Center will provide
your child with breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack that are
nutritionally balanced and meet all required food components.
If your child requires special dietary needs, please inform us
and we will work together to make sure your child is taken care
All food served follows the guidelines of the State of California
Food Program.