About Us

"I was so impressed with the child care environment that you provide to my
children, after looking at several other locations I found your home to be the
cleanest and most caring.  There are toys and activities that both of them
enjoy ,and being 3 years apart in age I love that they can be together during
the day, except for preschool".
Jan-Stevenson Ranch

"I love how easily approachable you are and how you always take the time to
let me know how my daughter did during the day".
Mark-Canyon Country

"I believe that most parents want to stay home and raise their own children, as
would I, but I am not able to do so.  I am very comfortable with your home
environment and that you provide so much love and support when I have to leave.

It is like having a second family and home for my children.  Both my son and
daughter love going to your house to play and to go to school and they have
learned so much from you.  I never wanted an "institution" type place for my
children and I am so grateful I found you".

"My son has attended your daycare and preschool since he was three months
old, when I had to return to work.  When I looked around for placements there
were many that were closer to my home, but none as clean as your home.  I
love the fact that my kids can be in a home environment and still get a great
education.  When my son said goodbye this summer due to going into the first
grade, it was the hardest thing we have ever gone through.  You have been a
blessing in our lives and thanks to you he was in the top of his kindergarten
Lisa and Bob-Valencia

"Being a single dad I had no idea how to find good childcare and preschool for
my daughter. I had heard your name around the elementary school my son
goes to.  I think it was the best referral I got".

"We got our son's first report card from kindergarten today, the teacher
remarked how phenomenal his writing skills are for his age.  We wanted to
thank you for all your efforts in teaching him to write correctly and we will
give your name to everyone we know with a preschool age child"!
Sean and Debbie-Canyon Country
                                      Safety & Security

Parents First Choice Childcare and Learning Center is extremely careful in the
assessment of employee applications.

Fingerprinting and background checks are conducted on all of our employees.

Parents may come to my home at any time to see how their child is doing.

Parents First Choice Childcare and Learning Center is designed for security; fences
and gates surround the property.  We exceed safety requirements by the State of
California Department of Social Services.

Your child will only be released to those individuals who you list in the child's
enrollment records. Photo identification is required to confirm the identity.

Staff is certified in C.P.R. & First Aid.

Smoke alarms monitor my home.

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My name is Joyce and I'm the Owner and Director of Parents First Choice Childcare
and Learning Center. I've been operating my facility for 27 years and feel very
honored and blessed for the opportunity to enrich the lives of children, one youth at a
time. My occupation is more than just a job.  It's a rewarding experience full of new
promises and not a day goes by without hugs and lots of love.  Parents First Choice
Childcare and Learning Center is dedicated to providing the foundation to encourage
each child’s lifelong love of learning in a safe and nurturing home environment.

I offer open communication with families in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.
I believe in enriching the quality of family life in the community by providing peace of
mind to parents that their children are safe and loved in my care.

I look forward to meeting with you and your family.  You can contact me anytime at
the number listed below.

Parents First Choice Childcare and Learning Center
Santa Clarita, California
Joyce  (661) 803-0664